D-I-Y Hanging Flower Balls for Your Reception Blog

DIY Hanging Flower Balls for Your Wedding Reception

Wedding Reception DIYHere is a great DIY project for a wedding reception from Inspired Bride:

“Hanging flower balls or cylinders are great centerpiece or decor for your big day. Regardless of the flower you choose, these pomanders will come out glamorous. Instead of buying for your wedding, create your own which will take you less than an hour. You only need:

  1. Flowers of your choice
  2. Ribbon
  3. Scissors
  4. Floral pins
  5. Wet foam or Styrofoam

If you are ready, then let’s start…”


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Catering to Dietary Restrictions at Your Wedding Blog

Catering to Dietary Restrictions at Your WeddingWedding Catering

“We know weddings can be a challenging time to accommodate all your guests, so we wanted to share this guide to catering to dietary restrictions that we found on

From guests with gluten sensitivities or nut allergies, to vegan enthusiasts and Paleo followers, there are a lot of dietary restrictions to cater to these days. So, when planning your wedding menu, it’s not only thoughtful – but practical – to plan for a wide range of special needs ranging from preferential to essential.
1. Ask on the invitation. It’s long been the common practice to let guests select chicken, meat, fish, or a vegetarian option on their reply card – but what about gluten-free, vegan, or nut-free options? Consider adding a line to your RSVP cards, asking guests to list any additional dietary restriction, so that you know what to plan for.
2. Talk to your caterers. If you already know you have a number of guests with dietary restrictions or allergies, start the conversation with your caterer early. Most caterers will have experience tailoring their menus to specific needs, and will likely be able to make helpful suggestions to keep your guests happy, healthy, and well-fed…”
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35 Questions to Ask Your Destination Wedding Venue Blog

Destination Wedding? 35 Questions to Ask Your Venue

Destination Wedding

Destination weddings are hot right now! Since so many of our brides have destination weddings, we decided to share this blog from French Wedding Style, it is targeted towards people who want to have a wedding in France but we believe these are good questions to ask wherever you’re going:

“Are you getting married in France and looking for a wedding venue? Have you already selected your favourites? Are you wondering how to handle the next step? To help you in your quest for your ideal venue, our resident wedding planning expert Fabienne Slater owner of Elian Concept Weddings and Events and member of UK Alliance of Wedding Planners has put together the Top Questions to ask your Destination Wedding Venue!

Destination Wedding credit Cristina Brosnan Style Me Pretty

If you are a habitual reader of my posts here, you may have noticed that budget is a reoccurring theme of mine; you may even think that I am obsessed with it! Therefore, I trust that you have worked out the maximum you want to spend before looking for your wedding venue, and limit your search to places within your

budget. Without a figure in mind, it is easy to get carried away or disappointed. As also recommended in my previous post, A guide to getting married in France, you must have a good idea of the number of guests you want to invite, unless of course you are happy to reconsider your number to accommodate your preferred venue.

With these two key elements in mind along with your wedding day priorities, whatever they might be (outdoor ceremony/reception, easy access for guests, exclusivity, etc.), you will be better prepared for the task ahead…”


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Photo credit: Cristina Brosnan via Style me Pretty


Planning a Bachelorette Party on a Budget Blog

Bachelorette PartyBachelorette Party on a Budget

Bachelorette parties are a highlight of your wedding events and we wanted to share this blog from about how to have one on a budget:

“Weddings ask a lot of bridesmaids, and they often hit especially hard in the wallet… To avoid putting your best friends in debt to celebrate your big day, it’s wise for you and anyone else involved in planning your bachelorette party to find ways to cut corners where you can. If you have your heart set on celebrating far away with your crew, we’ve come up with seven ways to help ensure it’s an inexpensive getaway.

1. Travel off-season. While it may be appealing to head to New Orleans during Jazz Fest, remember that airfare, hotel rates, and concert tickets all sky-rocket during peak travel times. Consider traveling in the off-season (think New Orleans in January or February instead, or Nantucket in late September or early October, for example) and you’ll be saving everyone some serious dough.
 Bachelorette Party
2. Skip the hotel suites. Forget those super fancy suites and try a home-share service like Airbnb, or search for rental properties on VRBO. You may find that you can rent an entire home for less than you’d pay nightly at a swanky hotel. Plus, you’ll all get to crash together and nobody has to worry about losing their room key!
3. Keep it short. If you’re already committed to high-end accommodations or an exotic locale, consider keeping the trip to three or four days (or, if you’re planning a longer trip, make it easy for people to leave early if they need to). Longer trips are extra hard on everyone’s bank accounts…”


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How to Travel With Your Wedding Dress Blog


How to Travel With Your Wedding Dress

A lot of our brides have destination weddings and we know it can be stressful getting your dress from point A to point B- here are some tips about how to make the process less stressful!

“Now that you’ve picked out the perfect wedding dress, you’ve got to decide how to get it home and then to your wedding venue, and it’s not always as simple as you might think… From gowns covered in delicate embellishments, to those made with fabric that wrinkles easily, to ones that are just plain big (hello, princess dress!), most need to be handled with care when in transit, whether you’re traveling by car, plane, bus, or train.

No matter how you’re moving, there are a few key rules to keep in mind. First and foremost, once the dress is in your hands, don’t let it leave your sight (unless you’re handing it off to a trusted seamstress). You may choose to have your bridal salon ship you the dress or you may opt to pick it up from the store, but once you’ve received it, avoid shipping your gown — it could get damaged, stolen, or lost (yikes).ring-beach-marys-bridal

Whether you pick the dress up at the bridal salon or have them ship it to your home, the designers or consultants will package your dress to protect it from rips, wrinkles, and other damages. Leave it in that packaging! As tempting as it is to try on your dress every other day leading up to the wedding, resist. Your gown will be much safer in the original packaging. Also, make sure to ask if there are any other additional precautions you should take when it comes to to storage or transport.

Lastly, consider how much traveling you’ll be doing with your gown while shopping. If a dress requires a lot of special care, make sure it won’t be overwhelming to deal with when the wedding gets closer.
And finally, here’s our breakdown on how to transport your dress, no matter how you’re traveling.”


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10 Summer Wedding Hairstyles Blog

Summer Wedding HairstylesSummer Wedding Hairstyles

It’s time to start planning for those summer weddings next year! We are sharing some of Wedding Wire’s perfect summer hairstyles for those of you who are planning your look. CLICK TO READ MORE

“Summer weddings call for a soft and romantic bridal beauty look. From delicate curls to tousled updos, we’ve rounded up our favorite styles that will perfectly complement your warm weather nuptials.”

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Outdoor Wedding Planning Tips Blog

Outdoor Wedding Tips

Outdoor Wedding Planning Tips

Outdoor weddings are very popular right now and so we thought we would share this article on Wedding Wire which has some great tips for those of you planning to have one! CLICK TO READ MORE

“Planning an outdoor affair to celebrate your nuptials? Cover your bases with our top pieces of outdoor wedding advice!

Wind- and humidity- proof your hairstyle. Talk to your hair stylist about any weather-related concerns you may have. He or she will likely have some great tips and suggestions based on your hair type and personal preferences. If your dream hairstyle won’t hold up well in certain weather, consider trying out a more weather-proof backup style just in case. This may require a second trial, but it could be well worth it. This way, you can always make the call on the day of.

Consider a reception dress. If you’re planning an outdoor wedding in late spring or summer—particularly if it’s in a warmer area of the country—you might be surprised by how hot a wedding gown starts to feel once you hit the dance floor. Consider changing into something shorter and lighter for those last couple hours. As gorgeous as that gown may be, comfort is really important.

Avoid stilettos or kitten heels. If a significant portion of your wedding day is taking place on the grass or another soft surface, we recommend accessorizing with wedges or flats. Those heels might be gorgeous, but it’s not worth sinking into the ground with every step! Need a little inspiration? Check out some of our favorite wedges and flats.

Focus on three things you love about your backup plan. Fall in love with your Plan B! Come up with a few things you absolutely love about your indoor backup space, and remind yourself of them in case of a spotty forecast.

Use your website to keep guests up to speed. Your wedding website is a great tool for communicating with guests any time of year, but it can be especially helpful for outdoor weddings. Include simple attire tips such as “The reception will be held on the grass—wedges and flats encouraged!” or “We suggest bringing a sweater or wrap as it can get chilly at night this time of year.” You can also ask guests to refer to your website for last-minute changes due to weather.

Check the rain policy on your rental contracts. Double-check those contracts to ensure all rental items are allowed to be set up on wet ground or under threat of rain. If it rains in the morning and the clouds clear by wedding time, for example, you may still opt to have your wedding outdoors. You want to be sure all of your furniture, equipment, and decor can still be set up as planned.

Brainstorm a few rainy portrait ideas, just in case. If you’re prepared, rainy weather can actually make for really special, romantic photos. Not convinced? Click through these dreamy portraits and prepare to swoon.

Related: 10 Awesome Ideas for Your Warm Weather Wedding »

Remember to treat your site for bugs beforehand. We recommend having your ceremony and reception areas professionally bug-proofed a few days in advance of the wedding. Set up Citronella candles or torches for backup (this will also enhance the ambiance!)

Consider mic’ing your ceremony. Unless you’re having a pretty intimate group, it can be tricky for guests in the back rows to hear what’s being said during the ceremony. This is especially true when there are no walls to provide acoustics and when you add wind or other outside noise to the mix. A simple sound system is an easy fix. Ask your venue if they offer one on-site or whether they have any rental recommendations. If you’re worried about a hand-held microphone being intrusive, lavalier mics are great way to go.

Keep your guests comfortable during the ceremony. Since guests will be seated for an extended period of time during your ceremony, it’s nice to protect them from any uncomfortable outdoor elements. Consider providing parasols to keep them shaded in the sunshine, hand fans or chilled water to keep them cool in the heat, or blankets or shawls to keep warm in chilly weather.

Opt for individually packaged towelettes instead of sprays or lotions. It’s always smart to have plenty of sunscreen and insect repellent on hand for your guests’ convenience—but both of these products can get a little messy. No one wants bug spray spritzed into their eyes or goopy sunscreen all over their hands. Consider offering insect-repellent wipes (Avon and OFF! both make great ones) in lieu of bug spray and serving up sunscreen in towelette form (try Sun-X or La Fresh) instead of the bottled stuff. Arrange them in a nice display or have them passed around in pretty baskets for an easy grab-and-go fix.

Provide on-site transportation if there are long distances involved. If navigating between the parking area, ceremony site, and reception space involves a decent amount of walking, consider offering an easy transportation option for elderly guests (or pregnant guests, or guests in sky-high heels, or anyone else who may not be comfortable walking, for that matter). Rent a few golf carts or a pedicabs, or even enlist a group of groomsmen or ushers to shuttle guests as needed.”

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Spotlight: Classic Lace Ballgown by Allure Couture Blog

Allure Couture Classic Lace Ballgown

Allure Couture has caught our eye this week! In our dress spotlight is this beautiful, classic lace ballgown adorned with Swarovski crystals [Style: C349]. We think this style is a knockout! CLICK HERE TO VISIT ALLURE COUTURE

Allure Couture Lace Ballgown Allure Couture Lace Ballgown  Allure Couture Lace Ballgown Allure Couture Lace Ballgown Allure Couture Lace Ballgown

More about Allure:

“Allure Bridals pursues excellence in design and irreproachable craftsmanship to create a gown worthy of a bride’s most treasured moments. We believe brides should feel nothing less than gorgeous on their wedding day. Our designs blend rich fabrics like satin and lace with decadent beading and detailing, in addition to the comfort of our patented Allure construction. The result is our three bridal collections: Allure Bridals, Allure Romance and Allure Couture along with Madison James, our debut designer collaboration.

For our Allure Bridals collections, we believe in the details—beading, floral appliqués, dramatic backs, and perfect draping. Every gown features details to set it apart and make the bride shine. Beaded lace, English net and rich satin compose gowns that are nothing but glamorous. Brides deserve to be at their most beautiful, and our aim is not only to design and produce the perfect gown but to provide daily inspiration for our brides-to-be through our media presence.”

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